SDR Receive Antenna

A range of 4 Magnetic Baluns for SDR receivers or communications reception: Built to a very high standard using multi-cores and PTFE wire these units offer superb matching over 2 > 30MHz. Fully resin potted in UV protected enclosure with spring loaded line connector: Various sockets available including SO239/BNC and “N” type which are all PTFE insulation:


We now have 4 different versions available after many tests, a new magnetic multi-core high ratio balun in 4 formats, a 16/1, a 24/1 and a 30/1 plus a selective wideband unit.

The units are fully resin potted on multi-cores with PTFE wire, they all incorporate a static drain to the feeder earth: Spring loaded push type connector supplied with solder fitting for line:

MODELS: TRADE PRICES ONLY MOQ x 10 units: HF 2 > 30MHz units.

RFBAT80  A Wideband balun giving some selectivity to frequencies below 10MHz when used with 10 to 20 mtrs of wire.

RF580 16/1…suggest 25 mtrs wire.

RF51200  24/1…..suggest 30 mtrs wire.

RF51500  30/1…….suggest 40 mtrs wire for MW/SW.

MOQ is 10 units of any model. Some special 1 off samples are on the special offer page. 

Add your own wire or we can supply several different types. POA

SDR PLAY + SDR UNO: Used for evaluation of SDR HF antenna matching units