Due to many requests RFCOMMS have developed a switchable/tuneable  portable antennna for 1 to 450MHz.

The unit will be used for transmission monitoring using a portable multi mode all frequency receiver.

Housed in a table top enclosure the unit has a 24 way switchable inductor and 1 mtr telescopic antenna. The unit is small, lightweight and easily transportable plus very simple to operate

Designed originally over 20 years ago using a Mullard FX15 series toroid this unit has now been updated using modern day materials.

Uses include surveillance and detection of signals, tracking of unwanted signals and so on.

Proven gain over a standard 1 mtr telescopic whip of some 8 “S” points in signal strength units when tested on 10.100MHz.

External wires can be added for low power transmission or reception purposes eg: 1/4 wave wire on both the RED and BLACK push fit connectors for the frequency required, or one of our 2 > 30MHz unique multi-core matching units can be added for even better reception using external wire.

POA: MOQ 10 Units