Log Periodic Line Isolators

Built for a UK services Dept this unit is designed for mounting on the boom of a Log Periodic HF beam. The 1/1 unit is 500 watts pep rated but is

Antenna Parts:

Commercial users only: RFCOMMS now offers antenna parts/spares including baluns (prewound or boxed), insulators, PTFE wire, PTFE coax cable, winding spools and much more. Completed units fully resin potted Pre-built cores,

Commercial Antennas

RFCOMMS offer a range of rugged commercial antennas for HF (2 > 30MHz) including HF Rhombics, Delta Loops and Resonant Dipoles, plus Resonant End Fed Single & Multi Frequency antennas all

New HF TX/RX Antenna

NEW! A switchable inductor portable HF/VHF/UHF antenna for indoor monitoring of transmissions from 1 to 450MHz. This small desktop unit comes complete with feeder and a telescopic antenna..................Checkout the info HERE