RFCOMMS offer a range of rugged commercial antennas for HF (2 > 30MHz) including HF Rhombics, Delta Loops and Resonant Dipoles, plus Resonant End Fed Single & Multi Frequency antennas all made to Mil Spec and using the correct matching transformers and incorporating Kevlar lines, UV protected insulators etc. Minimum order quantities. POA

Heavy duty rugged enclosure UV protected, resin potted and gasket sealed. 

Quick fit/release line connector.

A4 Stainless Steel fittings, 90Kg B/S Kevlar transmission lines.

Our New matching units offer single or multi frequency from just one wire, many options available.

Various connectors available including BNC/”N” type/SO239.

Options: DPM kit bag.

Lightweight Kevlar 2 > 30MHz, any single RESONANT frequency or options of multiple frequencies using multiple wavelengths