WWW.RFCOMMS.CO.UK are designers/suppliers to Commercial organisations requiring RF matching solutions. We design and manufacture the highest quality HF (2 > 30MHz) RF matching transformers using up to 16 cores per unit for a perfectly balanced unit made to Mil 810G specification. Power levels of up to 10 kw can be offered on some configurations. For surplus sales (pages under construction), samples and components checkout WWW.RFCOMMS.UK


After many months of experimentation with new core materials and new designs we have now produced outstanding results offering superb balance and excellent return loss. The new designs are mostly multi-core units using PTFE Mil spec wire in PTFE tube and are available in both voltage & current configurations with different ratios available. MOQ is 10 units custom made and available to commercial users and trade businesses, samples of the smaller units are available for a nominal cost to bonafide dealers. Available as a discrete component to incorporate into each antenna or available as a resin potted boxed unit. (SEE BELOW)

New custom made cores with a new Ni/Zn mix has given us ultimate control of return loss and provides a perfect solution for the ultimate unit. 2 to 16 cores are used depending on the ratio, I or V configurations, and power requirements.


We now have a stock of very heavy duty “K” material cores after persuading a manufacturer to make a re-run of the old core design , these are the finest cores available and have been used in commercial designs for over 50 years by the professionals. Comparing these cores with for example the Amidon FT240-K they are nearly twice the size (see picture below). Our specially built version is on the left hand side. Just look at the difference in size, 4 x times the surface area! RFCOMMS are now the sole supplier of these cores.

“K” type material cores

High Power top of the range 5kw HF Chokes offering very high levels of attenuation of returned RF

Shown with 7/16 Connectors, “N” type adaptors if needed for lower power rating, RG142 Double Screened PTFE Coax.

Up to 5kw pep using dual heavy duty custom made cores. Stock item POA.

Resin potted for life in UV protected enclosure, all A4 Stainless hardware.

Connectors available depending on power requirements include 7/16 EIA DIN, “N” type, SO239, BNC all certified PTFE insulation

Extremely high Z Mag attenuation and high power handling:

Using silver plated PTFE coax and “N” type connectors up to 3KW can be handled from DC to 100MHz